Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog? Yes, Please!

For several years now, friends have been suggesting that I start a blog, but I hesitated because it seemed like such a commitment (of both time and transparency) - not to mention the obvious objection - I'm not a writer and who cares what I'm doing/thinking/eating, etc. But, recently I started to seriously consider blogging and find myself thinking about it often. When the thoughts shifted from "that would make a good blog topic" to "I'll include that in my blog" it seemed like the time to begin. So, here goes . . .

In my professional capacity as an etiquette trainer and consultant, I am asked similar questions repeatedly so this will be a good forum to address those pesky decorum issues that continue to bother the civility-minded. Also, what blog is complete without food, tea, books, or gardening? Finally, because this blog originates from the South, I suspect the locale may play a part as well.

To end my first post, I'm including a sneak peak at our summer tomatoes. I'm so proud! The first three baby tomatoes appeared over the past few days and I'll keep you posted on their progress as the summer goes on.

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